Although this site is dedicated to the breed of the Weimaraner, I have included my family of deserving little dogs that I live with. They are with me every second of the day and night. We are never separated.

In my younger years, I elected to show Afghans, Irish and English Setters. I belonged to the Tara Afghan Hound Club, the Dogwood English Setter Club and the Atlanta Kennel Club. I wrote for the Southern Dog Advertiser and an Afghan publication reporting club news. In 1980, I Co-Founded a restaurant chain called TJ Applebee's and that ended my participation in the show world.

I have had dogs all my life. My father raised and hunted Beagles and this must have been what began my fascination and love for all canines. I can not remember a time when I lived without a dog. I have had dachshunds, cockers, collies, labs and various mixed breeds before my exhibiting days. I must say that in my experience with dogs, the mixed breeds have shown the highest intelligence level, with Spaniels coming in second. It's not that the purebreds lack intelligence; they just want to do their own thing and do it at their choosing.

Currently, I have a partnership with Heidi and Phil Warren of Northwoods Weimaraners promoting Schatze, GCH, Northwoods Send Money Honey. Heidi has been in Weims for years but she rarely breeds. When she does decide to breed, after careful consideration, she usually gets some outstanding dogs. To see her breeding record and winning dogs visit

Baby Schatze

My Little Antix