In Honor of Schatze Paige!

BIS, BISS, Grand Champion Northwoods Send Money Honey

07/04/2010 Schatze obtained her Grand Championship Title
being the Ninth Weim to become a GCH
In 2010 Schatze finish as #2 in Breed making her the #1 weim Bitch Breed and # 2 in All Breed
and has continued to hold this record  through September 20,  2011
according to AKC stats

As of August 2011 Schatze has Three All Breed BEST IN SHOWS!
She is the #4 Sporting Dog to date. 
"Schatze" #1 WEIM in USA In 2012



Schatze's July 2010 Group Wins

Group 3 7/10/2010 Upper Marlboro KC, Group Judge Mrs. Barbara Dempsey Alderman

Group 3 7/11/2010 National Capital KC, Group Judge Mrs. Anne Savory Bolus

Group 3 7/16/2010 Woodstock Dog Club, Inc., Group Judge Dr. Robert D. Smith

Group 3 7/17/2010 Champlain Valley KC, Group Judge Mrs. Robert D. (Polly) Smith

Group 4 Sun 7/18/2010 Green Mountain Dog Club, Inc., Group Judge Mr. Michael H. Faulkner

Group 3 7/23/2010 Putnam KC, Group Judge Mr. Joseph E. Gregory

August Group Wins

Group 3 8/6/10 Roanoke KC, Group Judge Donald Booxbaum

Group 2 8/14/10 Penn Ridge KC, Group Judge Carl Liepman

Group 3 8/29/2010 Judge Dr. Robert Smith

September Group Wins

Group 4 9/4/2010 Judge Mr. Manuel Queijeiro

Group 1 9/16/2010 Judge Mr. Charles Cyopik

October Group Wins

Group 2 10/02/2010 Judge Ms. Linda C. Moore