Honoring Canines

There are a few of us that have no desire to breed resulting in a contribution to the ever growing over population of the dog world so we look for that special dog that already exists: what some call a backyard Champion.   Applebee's Antix enjoys helping certain breeders finish and special their deserving dogs.  Some of the best dogs are owned and shown by the small individual breeder who only breeds one litter a year, or even less.  
Most important to me, is that determination a breeder has to be selective and limit their breeding opportunities. 
Sometimes these dedicated people need a little financial help getting their dog the special recognition that the dog and the breeder as well, deserve. This is the unique breeder or owner that I attempt to assist with their future........ honoring canines.  When I find a promising dog in this situation, sometimes I choose to take on this challenge.  It is so rewarding to see the excitement and fun that partners bring to my life.