In Honor of Sony

Ch. Ghostmar's Grea Mark V X'Lence

Sony finished the year as number 8 in the Top Ten Weims for 2006.   She was shown by Harry Bennett located in Jacksonville, Florida.  They really made a great team.  She was a push button.  She knew what to do in the ring and she had it down pat.  Just let her go and she led you around the ring.  She is such the sight to see!   She is sired by Cliffy, Ch. Colsidex The Farm Top of The Mark.   She is a Multi Best In Specialty Winner.  Sony is  remarkable and one of the sweetest dogs.  What a personality!  
Sony has had two litters that I am aware of.  I just hope that she has been bred no more than three times.  Now is a good time to remind all that AKC registration forms are not proof of ownership.  Before you leave with your new puppy, have the seller write out that this pup has been sold or given to you free and clear.   Include the Sire and Dam's registration numbers and have the seller sign, you sign, and a witness if possible.  Plan ahead and have a contract ready to be signed.  And if someone tells you that you don't need a contract, you demand a contract.  There are plenty of dishonest people in the dog world and they know what they are doing.  So save yourself a puppy and have all paperwork ready!
After investing money in Sony for a year and a half, I did not get the puppy that I had wanted.  Actually it was placed before I knew it.  There was a little male that I liked that was given to a someone for hunting.  I was given the choice of the only other boy and a little girl.  I took the little girl.  She is Rosi who is on "my little antix" page.  She has the personality and all the bad habits of Sony!  I can't believe what a replica she is.   She is a sweet obedient dog though;  just like her mother.

Here a few pictures that were given to me.........