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Bob and Earl selected and installed all the decor for the first store.  All stores after the first one up thru store #9 I did myself.  I would search antique stores for specific items especially metal signs from the past.  I also bought photos and framed them myself.  I was able to receive autographed photos from actors and musicians simply by writing to each one and asking for their help.  I also found photos of famous and not-so-famous racehorses of the day.   I collected items and photos from the Atlanta Braves and years later we sponsored the Braves and also the Atlanta Hockey Team when there was one.   I had no helper to antique shop, frame or hang.  I did all framing and hanging myself while Bill socialized with the other people working on getting the building finished and the kitchen equipment installed.  I was not allowed to hang "things" in the store because Bill said they were "just dust catchers".    (After store #9, he changed his mind on this and we started using a new company that specialized in "Applebee's Decorations".   We created many opportunities for new companies such as this to start up: Uniform Companies especially.)

Speaking of Uniforms.....  Billy's had uniforms like Hooters: Low cut T-shirts and short shorts with the name "Billy's" on the back. I told Bill there was no way we were doing that type of uniform.  We had Khaki slacks and golf shirts along with aprons as our attire.   For the summer months, we added walking shorts in Khaki or Navy  Blue.  We wanted our restaurant to have a little class and make families feel welcome.   I handled finding a uniform company,  ordering, and keeping our stock at our house.  My office was in my house once I stopped working as a manager at the first location.    I was doing all the accounts receivable, all banking, employee Insurance, payables, payroll, uniforms, and Decor AND on top of all that.....I was recording the music that we played in the restaurant (!) all at the same time.   I stopped working in the store on June 30, 1980.  I kept all the other jobs while Bill and Frank worked as store managers.  Oh, and did I mention I had a four-year-old too?  I look back now and wonder how I managed to do so much with no one to help me with any of it.  I had such special parents that kept my son for me while working in the store.  So thankful for that!